Our Price Guarantee and Discounted Rates

Price Guarantee - Trading Chart

Bitcoin Cam’s Australian Price Guarantee

At Bitcoin Cam we pride ourselves on offering the top tier rates for both buying and selling. Of traders with a 1000+ trades with a 100% positive record – for Australian ads on Localbitcoin.  To make sure of this we offer this price guarantee:

1. If you can see our Australian ad on localbitcoin.com. Either for buying bitcoin or selling bitcoin. And we are not in the top four price for traders with a 1000+ trades and 100% rating  – contact us immediately.

2. We will keep you on the line for no more than a minute. Whilst on the line we work out the mean average of the top four rates of the traders advertising. Finally we re-post the ad with this rate.

3. Once you see our ad live with the revised rate you can open the trade with Bitcoin Cam. Also, you can now be assured you are getting a one of the best rates available.

Bitcoin Cam’s Discounted Rate for Trusted Traders

We value trading relationships and reward those who we build these relationship with. Once you have done your first trade with us and abide by our terms of trade without any issue, we mark you as a trusted trader. 

From there on in when available you will be able to access our “Discounted Rate for Trusted Traders” cash deposit ad on Localbitcoin. When this rate is available it will always be the top rate available from 1000+ 100% trusted traders! 

Price Guarantee Queries - Contact Us

If you have any questions relating to our price guarantee, please contact us. We will strive to answer all questions and ensure you have clear understanding of what we offer. It is understandable that guarantees like this could be confusing.