Who and What is Bitcoin Cam ?


About Us – Cameron McLeod from McLeod Pacific Investments.

About Us - Who and What is Bitcoin Cam ?

So a little about us. Bitcoin Cam was established in February 2018 by Cameron McLeod. Initially starting out as a part time trading operation. However, the business has quickly expanded with more operating hours. Also, an increase in our liquidity to allows for higher frequency and a larger trade range

Our core mission statement of “Bitcoin Trading with Friendly and Professional Service” hasn’t changed though. Also, if you have traded with us previously you will know, that we are concise and quick in our communications. 

However, we also aren’t beyond having some friendly banter as well! Similarly, what you will not get from us is fraud wary cynicism with curt responses. We pride ourselves on our customer re pour. We want to make each trader feel comfortable during the trading process. 

About Us - Who are we?

The name Bitcoin Cam came as a quick and easy trading name to its principal Mr Cameron McLeod. Cameron now lives in Australia after spending 15 years in Vanuatu. During his time in Vanuatu he owns a number of successful business’s.

Those of you from Vanuatu who are in interested in trading will likely know him. If not, will know of his reputation in business. Cameron maintains the same honest and friendly approach to Bitcoin Cam. He also enjoys time with his family or surfing. When not doing this, he is dedicated to making Bitcoin Cam a good trading experience for customers.

McLeod Pacific Investments Pty Ltd. operates Bitcoin Cam. Our ABN is 366 310 29180. We are a registered AUSTRAC Digital Currency Exchange service provider, our DCE# being – DCE100595585-001.

About Us - What do we do?

Bitcoin Cam is a Bitcoin trading platform. We provide assistance for those wishing to buy and sell this cryptocurrency. Also, we provide access to a secure trading system that is easy to use and understand. Customers are reassured by our wealth of knowledge and industry expertise.

For Bitcoin trading advice, head to our contact page to get in touch. Alternatively, check out testimonials from satisfied traders, or view our price guarantee.