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Bitcoin Cam exclusively uses the peer-to-peer trading platform to sell and buy Bitcoin Australia. This means both you and Bitcoin Cam are protected during the trade. The bitcoins hold in escrow until the funds have cleared for each trade. Once the funds confirm as cleared – this can vary depending on the method of payment – the bitcoins are instantly released into your LocalBitcoins (LBC)  wallet!

How do I start?

It’s easy – Go to and click on the “Sign up for Free” button, or simply click here.

Follow the LBC “sign up process”. Including the verification of your email, identity and phone number. Verifying these are essential for opening trades with Bitcoin Cam.

Once you have verified your account and wish to buy bitcoin, then there are two options available.

1. Pay in Cash at a Bank Branch or Smart ATM

A cash deposit is the quickest way to purchase Bitcoin (BTC). This process involves the trader to deposit funds into our accounts either via a bank branch or Smart ATM. Once you have made the deposit, you then mark the trade as paid in LBC. We then confirm the funds for the trade have landed. After this, the bitcoin is instantly released into you LBC bitcoin wallet. 

For your convenience we have accounts with most Australian banks. As a result, you will never have to travel a distance to make the deposit. 

To open a trade using cash deposit, click here  

Please note that our Office hours are: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm and Sat 8am-Midday. If you are wanting to trade outside of the office hours we can still trade!

If it is outside of the above office hours you MUST call us (not txt) PRIOR to opening a trade. This is so that we can man the trading desk and give you the best possible service!

You can call us using mobile/whatsapp/signal on +61 406 594 829. You will find us super easy to deal with and we look forward to hearing from you, no matter what time it is!

Then complete these three basic steps

When you open the trade you will be able to see the minimum and maximum amounts of Australian Dollars (AUD) to trade. Contact us on +61 406 594 829 using mobile/sms/whatsapp for trade amounts outside of the range shown.

Once you have added the amount of AUD or BTC (you can select either) you wish to purchase, then click on the “Send Trade Request” button. Bitcoin Cam is then immediately advised of the trade opening.

You will receive a greeting from one of Bitcoin Cam’s friendly staff. Also, you will also be able to see the various bank account details available for deposits.

Then go to your most convenient bank branch or Smart ATM and make a deposit for the AUD amount you have requested.

Important Information

DO NOT use the term “Bitcoin” in any deposit slip or reference. If they ask you are asked to include a note or reference please use the first six numbers of the LBC trade reference. That number will appear in the Open Trade page. As an example if your trade number was LB2012899CX, you would simply put LB2012 as the reference.

Please make sure that you get a computer generated deposit receipt from the bank or the Smart ATM. We cannot accept hand written deposit receipts. On the deposit receipt please write “For the purpose of purchasing currency – no refund”. On completion, take a photo of the deposit receipt. It must have the hand writing on it. Finally, forward to Bitcoin Cam via the message service in the trade. 

Now click on the “Payment Made” button. This will alert Bitcoin Cam to the trade completion. We then confirm deposit and release the bitcoins from escrow. They will then be immediately transferred into your LBC  wallet. 

It really is that simple! Well done on competing your first trade with Bitcoin Cam. 

Please note that this trade type is for CASH ONLY. We will not accept cheques, money orders, or other forms of currency. This causes a cancellation of the trade. If you use other forms of currency for the purposes of a cash trade, this will be deemed as a breach of terms of trade. As a result, any deposit made using other forms will be non refundable.

2. Pay Using National Bank Transfer

You can also pay for Bitcoin using a Bank transfer from your bank account to our bank account. Simply go to our National Bank Transfer advertisement here. Alternatively, select the “National Bank Transfer” option and you will see Bitcoin Cam’s Localbitcoin (LBC) ad displayed.

Doing a National Bank Transfer requires Identification (ID) verification. You can find a comprehensive lust of the ID required here. Together with the Australian legislative reasons why we collect your ID. You can also read our privacy policy click here .

Buy Bitcoin Australia - Identification Requirements

The ID we require is as follows:

– Current Australian photo ID, eg, drivers license, passport, 18+ card.

If you do not have Australian ID, we are happy to verify using your international passport. THe must have an accompanied with Australian issued visa (student, 457 etc.) of identical name.

– A selfie with you holding the same ID next to your face. 

– A verified Australian mobile phone number that is working

– A Bank card or statement with matching name to your photo ID and your LBC profile. This must be from the bank and account that you will be paying from. You can cover the account number and other pertinent details. We just need to match the name.

Once you have supplied the required ID documentation and after review of your ID by Bitcoin Cam we confirm your identity. We then allow the trade to progress. Bitcoin Cam reserves the right to not continue with the trade at this stage if we feel that the identity cannot be sufficiently verified.

 After opening the trade, you must also supply the following:

– A selfie (clearly showing your face) of you with a hand-written note saying “For purchase from Bitcoin Cam” and holding your ID. Please date it in dd/mm/yy at the bottom

– A photo of your PC/Laptop/Mobile with your photo ID next to the trade.

Buy Bitcoin Australia - Processing Times & General Info

Using the National Bank Transfer option normally means that it takes one to two working days for the funds to clear into our accounts and for us to release the bitcoins. Please keep this in mind when you are making a trade using this method.

We also allow Pay ID as a method of National Bank Transfer. Pay ID is normally much quicker than standard bank transfer. However please check with your bank first on transfer times and limits before proceeding.

Whilst the ID process might seem arduous, it benefits both parties and protects from fraudulent trades and transactions. Once you have verified your ID  with us, you will only have to do it again once every three months.

We understand that some customers might be adverse to supplying their ID for National Bank Transfer trades. Please note that we are an AUSTRAC registered business. As a result, we are legally bound to follow AML* and KYC* minimum requirements under the AML/CTF Act . 

Bitcoin Cam follows best practice protocol with ID storage. This includes encrypted offline storage for all ID sent to us. For more information on this please check our Privacy Page.