ID requirements (Australia)

Australian Bitcoin Trading ID Requirements

The you can find the current ID requirements below. Conversely, you must provide all the ID to proceed with a National Bank Transfer purchase of Bitcoin from Bitcoin Cam in Australia.

Primary ID

Firstly, A current valid Australian issued photo ID is required. This includes a drivers license, or passport. That matches your verified name on Localbitcoin.

If Primary ID unavailable

Secondly, what do you do if you do not have current valid Australian issued photo ID? As a result, we are happy to accept an international passport. However, you must accompany it with an Australian issued visa (student, 457 etc.). Also, this must be of identical name and match your verified LBC name.

Further ID requirements

You will also be required to supply the following once a National Bank Transfer trade has been opened.

Selfie with ID

A current photo that shows your likeness. This must be like a passport photo, or other valid identification photo.

Photo of Bank Statement or Bank card

Please send a photo of your most recent bank statement or bank card. This must be from the same account that you will be transferring from. 

We insist that you black out or cover the pertinent details. We only need to see that there is an exact name match with the other ID. Also, to confirm the bank that you will be transferring from. 

Please note that upon opening the trade you will also be required to send two more photo’s. One of you confirming the trade in writing. And one of your ID next to the trade.

ID Requirements (Vanuatu)

Vanuatu Bitcoin Trading ID Requirements

All the ID required to proceed with a Cash Deposit purchase of Bitcoin from Bitcoin Cam from within Vanuatu.

Primary ID

 A Vanuatu driver’s license or Vanuatu passport issued (with photo) identification. Also, these must exactly match the name that you have verified with 

Selfie with Primary ID

You will also need to send a selfie photo. In the photo you must hold the same Primary ID as above next to your face. Please make sure that the selfie is high resolution and is not blurry.